Lighting & Wellbeing - In conversation with Elon and Henry.

CPD reimagined.

Following on from the huge success of the Emergency Lighting CPD based on a murder mystery style investigation, we decided to take things even further. Our latest RIBA-approved CPD dedicated to the WELL standard (lighting and wellbeing) is written and designed to educate, keep you engaged, and well entertained.

An immersive experience.

The seminar takes us to a place that has been a subject of science fiction for a very long time. We fast-forward through time and have teamed up with the most influential man on the planet. It’s the year 2025 and we are heading on a revolutionary mission.

Tasked with the specification of a very unique building, we have to ensure the maximum health, comfort and wellbeing of its future occupants. Following the internationally recognised WELL Building Standard, we will dive into the lighting part of the document and guide you through the requirements step by step.

Join us on a fictitious journey with the most famous man on Earth and a slightly confused smart assistant. Navigating through emails, textbook knowledge and reports, you will be invited to take an active part in the specification of the world’s first building on the Red Planet.

‘In Conversation with Elon and Henry’ is written and presented in a fun and interactive way, helping to break down the complexity around WELL Standard and reinforce the importance of well-designed office schemes. By the end of the seminar, you will have a good understanding of:

  • What has an impact on the visual comfort of occupants
  • How to take circadian rhythm into consideration when designing a workplace
  • How to take control of glare
  • The basics of human-centric lighting

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Our CPD Reviews:

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“I’ve just attended the webinar about Wireless Lighting Control and it was great. Josh was really clear and interesting. It’s a really good webinar to understand the basics of a lighting control, I totally recommend it. Looking forward to the next one.”


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“A very informative and well
presented CPD seminar, demonstrating the criteria for lighting in the workplace and how it is designed. I’m sure there is something to be learned by anyone from any level. Looking forward to the next one.”


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